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Modern humanist Lovely Cyrillic typography.


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Madiba, wise at five How the Australian-owned Stuff website reported Nelson Mandela’s passing today. Nelson Mandela was so young.

Information overload has ushered in an era of simplistic design; the emergence of [audience co-creation] entertainment, couples with surging mobile usage - shifting every traditional branding application, globally.

POP Culture, is the new mainstream global culture and the audience doesn’t know 
who they are; contextually to the consumer ecosystem. Migration is high, consumer confidence is low, and global economics trend toward recovery. 

It is a search for meaning and value after the great digital revolution.. 

.. a new beginning..


“Millennials are often portrayed as apathetic, disinterested, tuned out and selfish. None of those adjectives describe the Millennials I’ve been privileged to meet and work with.” ~  Chelsea Clinton April 12, 2013

You can only get people accepting you at face value if you build trust with them. We have also come to an age where brands are no longer dictated by a single strategy, as every audience member that is in contact with the brand thinks they have some influence over it. So, how do we create change in an era that also demands collaboration and humanism? 

At the end of the day, people are not numbers—and organizations need to have a proper relationship with every person that they touch. This is why we find it so important to understand not only an organization’s vision, but its values. To know at the core the real identity of the organization, in order to help build its awareness and create positive associations.

And to have an impact on the strategy, finding ways to create a better world, together.” ~ Jack Yan: director, MBC, Publisher Lucire, the global fashion magazine,2013 Mayoral Candidate, Wellington, New Zealand  

Levi’s Ballet Commercial (South Korea)

Sir David Ogilvy who is often branded as the father of modern advertising authored the book: “Confessions Of An Advertising Man”

He stated:

Unless your advertising contains a Big Idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.. Advertising should be true, credible and pleasant. People do not buy from bad-mannered liars.”

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reminded of different quotes and musings from Mr. Ogilvy. While, I’m not sure which agency created the long form Levi’s spot.. it reminds me of the essence, and purpose of advertising. Years ago, I had a pitch which we actually won .. and wrote the goals of advertising and branding. It seems to be for most of my professional life, my mantra has been: branding is a didactic medium, used to educate via:

  1. Uplifting Humanity
  2. Entertaining The Audience
  3. Creating Sales

VitalSmarts surveyed 2,698 people and discovered that most of us are (allegedly) a lot less palatable on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook than we are in “real” life.

VitalSmarts’ Joseph Grenny, co-author of Crucial Conversations, says “that tensions often arise and go unresolved in part because online conversations provide a unique set of challenges that are seldom taken into consideration when people begin typing their frustrations. Social media platforms allow us to connect with others and strengthen relationships in ways that weren’t possible before. Social media platforms aren’t the problem, it’s how people are using them that is causing a degradation of dialogue that has potential to destroy our most meaningful personal relationships” says ~ Grenny.

Key takeaways from the survey

  1. 76 percent have witnessed an argument over social media
  2. 19 percent have decreased in-person contact with someone because of something they said online
  3. 81 percent say the difficult or emotionally charged conversations they have held over social media remain unresolved
  4. 88 percent believe people are less polite on social media than in person

The role of advertising in consumer emotion management by: Elyria Kemp,
University of New Orleans: My Bui, Loyola Marymount University
Sindy Chapa, Texas State University

So, what will your agency do to help uplift, entertain and create sales in an era that seems to beckon nice branding.. direct audience interaction, tangible and meaningful content? 

It seems that the simplest form of innovation is to simply be nice, again. Of course that’s not fancy disruptive technology, nor nail in the coffin type of old school business modeling to reduce the competition to bankruptcy. It is pure and simple good business, sustainable humanistic business development.